SS&C Fund Services N.V.
Pareraweg 45, Curacao
Netherlands Antilles

Listed Since: 2006/03/17
Delisted on: 2014/01/31
CUSIP: N91943105
ISIN: ANN919431059
Tel: +58.212.276-4862
Fax: +58.212.276-4862

The Venezuelan Domestic Debt Fund Ltd is organized as a collective investment scheme incorporated with limited liability in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, on September 16, 2005. The Venezuelan Domestic Debt Fund is open-ended in that it can issue and redeem its Redeemable, Non-Voting Profit Sharing Shares at prices based upon its Net Asset Value per share.

The Fund has been formed to provide qualified investors with a vehicle that allows direct exposure to debt securities issued by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as well as public obligations of the U.S Treasury. The Fund provides market exposure to those securities in an easily tradable form as Shares listed on an international stock exchange. The Fund invests in both securities issued by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuelan denominated in Venezuelan Bolivars and US Treasuries denominated in US Dollars.

The securities of the Venezuelan Domestic Debt Fund are being listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange under the BSX Listing Regulations for Collective Investment Schemes and the provisions for Restricted Marketing.

Bloomberg: VENDEBT NT Equity

For further information on the Venezuelan Domestic Debt Fund Ltd please contact Nelly Parra at telephone: 58 212 276 4862 or facsimile: 58 212 276 4800.

Voluntarily delisted, effective 31 January, 2014, at request of fund due to cessation of operations and pending dissolution.




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