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Suisse IQ Diversified Fund I Class A Participating Shares :

Fund Investment Objective: This Class seeks to achieve capital preservation and the possibility of achieving a performance with target of twice the benchmark of long term treasury rates in Euro.


This Class will be invested primarily into two categories of assets:


§                Assets with an emphasis on income and capital preservation through investments in fixed deposits, bank financial instruments, bonds, medium term notes with a rating of Standard & Poors and/or Moody's of at least A+.


§                Assets with an emphasis on growth of capital with consideration of yield through investments in convertible bonds and listed equity securities.


This Class will generally limit its investments to securities that are or will be listed on securities exchanges or traded in Regulated Markets which operate regularly and are recognised and open to the public.


This Class will practice fixed and index arbitrage in which individual or baskets of securities are purchased.


This Class will take advantage of price disparities between the different market levels; e.g. issuing market, secondary market, retail market etc€¦ The Class' main focus is on identifying opportunities to participate in the market of new issues.


This Class may also invest part of its net assets in units of other collective investment schemes established in a regulated market, audited and acceptable to the Investment Manager.


On an ancillary basis, this Class may hold up to 100% of its net assets in money market instruments and other liquid assets which have a residual term of not more than 12 months at the time of acquisition.


Furthermore, this Class is authorised to employ investments techniques and financial instruments exclusively to provide protection against exchange risks in the context of the management of the assets and liabilities.


   This Class excludes investments in derivatives products such as options, futures, long and short equities, devices, currencies and hedge fund categories.


Investment in this fund is restricted to Qualified Investors.


Distribution Info: Protected International Inc. (Rep. Office in Europe : Tel +41 71 92 00 137)



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