Mercury House, 101 Front Street, Hamilton, HM12, Bermuda

Listed Since: 2013/11/26
Delisted on: 2015/11/05
ISIN: BMG829251195
Tel: +44 162 482 5993

Company Description:


Southern View Finance Ltd. (“SVF”) was established in 2013 and the Board intends to drive the Company and its subsidiaries (jointly “SVF Group”) to become a leading international financial services institution founded on the principles of integrity, innovation and customer service. The SVF Group intends to establish and grow an international financial services business which will, initially, focus on the creation of a mobile financial services platform offering primarily small, cost-effective unsecured loans, transactional services and money transfer facilities in various jurisdictions, including but not limited to the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Africa.


The Board believes that there are numerous opportunities in several jurisdictions worldwide for the rendering of these financial services including unsecured lending. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, the Company requires access to capital markets. The benefit of a dual listing is that it will allow the Company to raise capital in South Africa and abroad, having regard to the benefits of a listing in Bermuda. The Board believes that there is a significant market for such a dual listed company established to provide a diverse range of financial services internationally.




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