6th Floor Cumberland House 1 Victoria Street Hamilton, HM11 Bermuda
Listed Since: 2014/05/07
Delisted on: 2016/12/15
CUSIP: 04226RAB6
ISIN: US04226RAB69
Tel: 441-248-6811
Fax: +441 292-1243
Email: Robert.Eastham@artexrisk.bm

Armor Re Ltd. isa Bermuda exempted company incorporated on 3 April 2013 with registration number 47569 having its registered office address at Cumberland House, 6th Floor, 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. The Issuer registered as a Special Purpose Insurer on 8 May 2013.

The $200 Million Series 2014-1 Class A Principal At-Risk Variable Rate Notes due 15 December 2016 (“2014-1 Notes Series”). The Notes are exposed to the peril of Named Storm on a per occurrence basis during the Risk Period.

The Notes will be issued in United States currency, and in minimum denominations of $250,000 and integral multiples of $1,000 in excess thereof.





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