Argonaut House 5 Park Road Hamilton HM09 Bermuda

Listed Since: 2014/06/26
Delisted on: 2015/11/13
BSX Ticker: VGL.BH
CUSIP: G9362D107
ISIN: BMG9362D1074
Tel: (801) 443-1934
Fax: (801) 785-2002

The Company was incorporated on July 26, 2013 as an exempted company in Bermuda.

The Company’s management has worked together for many years and been involved in bringing “green” products and services to commercial fruition. Management has worked in the cleaning, restoration, oil and gas, commercial drinking water, agriculture and management industries for decades and saw a need to change the essential foundation of agricultural environments and cleaning up the oil and gas industry to by bringing together “green,” proprietary products that act symbiotically with nature and the environment.

The Company’s close group of managers and partners has assembled agricultural products that work with and not against the world’s ecosystem. The Company offers its products and management’s expertise to solve the problems that conventional products create—from reclaiming acres of depleted and worn-out farmland soil to offering new, “green” products to the oil and gas industry, which has historically been very “un-green.”


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