14 Par-la-Ville Road, Floor 3, Hamilton HM-08, Bermuda
Listed Since: 2016/03/24
Delisted on: 2019/04/29
CUSIP: G49488102
ISIN: BMG494881029
Tel: 1-441-292-6720
Email: iris@horseshoe.bm

Iris Reinsurance Ltd. is a Bermuda exempted company registered as (i) a Class 3 insurer and (ii) a segregated accounts company. Founded in 2009, Iris Re provides institutional investors with risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated to traditional asset classes by underwriting parametric and index-based insurance and reinsurance, primarily through industry loss warranties (“ILWs”).  ILWs are short-term contracts that are fundamentally uncorrelated with other financial asset classes and present limited counter-party and adverse-selection risk.  Since inception to the end of 2015, Iris Re has produced annualized underwriting returns of over 12%, generating returns from 11% to 14% in each calendar year.  

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