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ISIN: XS1639502787

Shima Reinsurance Ltd., is a Bermuda exempted company incorporated on 30 July 2012 with limited liability and registered as (i) a Class 3 insurer under the Insurance Act 1978, as amended (Insurance Act), and (ii) a segregated accounts company registered under the Segregated Accounts Companies Act 2000, as amended (SAC Act) on 23 August 2012. The Issuer’s insurance-linked note program with general terms are as described in the prospectus dated June 19, 2015 and specific terms described in the applicable prospectus supplement for each series of notes issued pursuant to the Program, each of which shall be linked to certain perils, and each of which shall be linked to a separate segregated account established by the Issuer.

The JPY At-Risk Hotaru 2 Notes due August 7, 2019 (“the Notes”) are issued in the amount of JPY 8,000,000,000 and pursuant to the approved Shima Reinsurance Ltd., ILS Note Program.




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