Floor 3, Block C
Ballsbridge Centre
Shelbourne Road
Dublin 4, Ireland
Listed Since: 1999/07/21
Delisted on: 2013/05/28
ISIN: IE0003409558
SEDOL: 0340955
Tel: 353 1 853 8281
Fax: 353 1 607 1022

Formerly known as SSgA Cash Management Fund Plc - changed name effective 25th January, 2008.

The Company is an open-ended investment company with variable capital organized under the laws of Ireland. The Company is organized in the form of an umbrella fund, comprising the U.S. Dollar Fund, the Pound Sterling Fund, the Euro Fund and the Canadian Dollar Fund. Each Fund has two classes of shares, Global Shares and Global Services Shares.

All Funds seek to maintain a high level of liquidity, preserve capital and stability of principal expressed in the Fund's Designated Currency and, consistent with those objectives, earn current income. Unlike other funds which acquire and manage their own portfolio of securities, each Fund is a feeder fund and seeks to achieve its objective by investing all of its assets in a Portfolio of the Portfolio Trust. The Portfolio Trust is a master trust fund organized under the laws of the State of Deleware in the U.S. that invests in assets of the Fund's Designated Currency and which has an investment objective identical to that of the Fund.

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