c/o FBS
ChevronTexaco House
11 Church Street
Hamilton HM 11
Listed Since: 2000/01/10
Delisted on: 2011/09/30
Other Ticker: AHBY
CUSIP: 014837833
ISIN: BMG0520W1038
SEDOL: 2953492
FIGI: BBG000F4F150
Tel: 441 295 1330
Fax: 441 292 9471
Email: fbs@fbs.bm
Ashby Corporation is engaged in the development of a Film & Television Production and Post-production Center, Music Recording Facility,

Movie Theme Park, hotel, retail and other ancillary facilities in the Bahamas.

Ashby was delisted under the BSX Listing Regulations, Section I, Chapter 2, Regulation 2.24(1) for non-payment of annual listing fees and failing to submit audited financial reports within the required time frame.

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